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critical acclaim

for who is the third

Matthew Joseph was brave to submit this work as an ethnographic study. It fails on almost all levels. I am left with a sense of the spaces between, that there is more, but that Joseph is too arrogant, or too lazy, to conclude. Cal Bryndza  Practical Ethnographer


The worst kind of froth. Fiction. Reputations are at risk here. Prof. Nigel Hannan Journal of Quantum Thinking 


I look forward to reading this again. I only hope the venue is the Royal Courts of Justice and my audience is a judge. Francisca Okikiolu 


To research and retell these tales after one overheard conversation in a train station cafe is a remarkable feat. Matthew Joseph is a man on a mission.  Arlo Wilder 


He is an athlete!  James Anthony 


Quite magical. It is many years since I have had the pleasure of reading something quite so deft. Joseph pulls at the very fabric of reality but disturbs neither warp or weave. Ulysses Fitzgerald


Incoherent, a mash of time, style, and theme. It is a good job Matthew Joseph lacks stamina, I was able to put these behind me in a single wasted hour. Isabella James Modern Literature 


In memory of Oti Opoku 

May she dance forever

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